Ahimsa Life Festival Talents - Body
Ahimsa Life Festival Talents - Body

Learn to listen and appreciate your body through yoga, breathworks, bio Resonance, ayurveda, pilates, imp movement, traditional chinese medicine, Osteopathy, physiotherapy, active isolated stretching & many more.

Learn to listen and appreciate your body through yoga, breathworks, bio Resonance, ayurveda, pilates, imp movement, traditional chinese medicine, Osteopathy, physiotheraphy, active isolated stretching & many more.

Meet Our Talents

Action Hiro
Action HiroBody | Yoga
Hiro Landazuri (@actionhiro on Instagram) is an internationally renowned yoga teacher. After a career in heart transplant surgery, Hiro left to…
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Maria Zosa (Wei)
Maria Zosa (Wei)Body | Yoga
Wei is the No.1 diver in the Philippines National Freediving Team and a 6x National Record Holder. She has been teaching vinyasa and power yoga in Bali and Philippines…
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Kumar Karthigesu
Kumar KarthigesuBody | Sitarist
Kumar got his first taste of learning the sitar in 1983 from Pandit Dharambhir Singh, a disciple of the world renowned Ustad Vilayat Khan, in the United Kingdom.
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Monika Ramasamy
Monika RamasamyBody | Osteopath
Monika Ramasamy is a Kuala Lumpur based practitioner with over 30 years of experience as a holistic practitioner.
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Jeythevan Patiban
Jeythevan PatibanBody | Ayurveda Healer
Jeythevan Partiban, an Engineering graduate has been on a mission to spread the beautiful science of living – Ayurveda since 2004.
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Priyalji Ravishanker
Priyalji RavishankerBody | Osteopath
Priyalji is an osteopath based in Kuala Lumpur. He graduated in 2016 after a four-year full time course at Greenwich University…
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Tony Lim Thiam Beng
Tony Lim Thiam BengBody | Qigong Therapist
Tony Lim Thiam Beng is a Wellness Medical Qigong certified Trainer cum Qigong Therapist. An ardent qigong practitioner who has a staunch believe…
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Melissa Indot
Melissa IndotBody | IMP Movement
With more than 20 years’ experience in the music and wellbeing industry in Europe & Asia, Melissa has a deep understanding of how intention in the creative process impacts the human condition.
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Sabrina Saw
Sabrina SawBody | IMP Movement
Sabrina is a choreographer, dance coach and professional performing artist.
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AdeleenaBody | IMP Movement
Adeleena is a travelling teacher from Kuala Lumpur with a background in psychology.
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Amanda Luukinen
Amanda LuukinenBody | Women's Health
Amanda believes learning to live well is essential to our daily lives.
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Rita Mangan
Rita ManganBody | Yoga
Rita is a yoga and meditation teacher, personal trainer and a passionate home cook.
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Angie Chong
Angie ChongBody | Women's Health
Angie believes in living a healthy lifestyle, and using non-toxic, non-carcinogenic products for natural healing and beauty.
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Day Post
Day PostBody | Acupuncture
Day has been in private practice since 1999. He specializes in treating pain and sports injuries, as well as, the treatment of infertility.
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Liam Harkness
Liam HarknessBody | Sports Therapist
Liam graduated as a Sports Therapist in the UK and has spent the last 20 years establishing his reputation as one of the finest therapists in Asia.
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Cindy Chua
Cindy ChuaBody | Nutritionist
Cindy is a nutritionist at Groway (M) Sdn Bhd for the past 3 years. Her key responsibilities at Groway include training staff, undertaking research & development and as one of the company’s senior nutrition consultants.
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Erik Leong
Erik LeongBody | Physician
Master Erik Leong founded his company called Osteocare is also the principle physician leading a group of ten physical therapy practices.
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Ian Lee
Ian LeeBody | Healer
Ian Lee is the principal and founder of Osteohub. He is a globally recognised osteopath who has worked with several professional and Olympic level athletes.
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