Soul Hub Booths

A vast array of unique wellness facilitators and retailers will be offered in the Soul Hub area of the festival, situated in the White Box


Asteria & Plante

Asteria is a company selling high quality aromatherapy jewellery and essential oils diffuser lockets. They aim to bring out the very best in every woman, standing proud and confident for being themselves.

Plante is a wellness company selling handmade personal care products. They promote toxin-free living and encourage people to stop using harmful chemicals in their products. These products will be available at the festival. 

Belly Happy

Belly Happy

Belly Happy is not just a healthy drinks & snacks provider, it offers food & drinks that make your ‘belly happy’! Each LIKE Bulb lightbulb drink that founder Cindy Woon creates contains a lot of benefits from anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and many more. Healthy snacks such as mix nuts, granolas & dehydrated fruits are also available at Belly Happy.

Uniqueness of Belly Happy goodies: Natural, plant based, Vegetarian friendly & free from artificial preservatives & coloring.

Remember to ‘Eat, Drink & be Belly Happy!’

CAM - Chinese Abdominal Massage

Chinese Abdominal Massage

Nikki is in the business of influencing people to connect to their personal power. Her promise is to hold loving space, offer experience, strength and support as you transition into your own power. Her methods include: Transformational Mindset Coaching, her personal Mastermind Program and an Ancient Abdominal Detox Massage + Energy Medicine.

All of her methods center around your core, your place of personal power and manifestation. Your belly is your second brain and is an integral part to your health and well being. When your belly is healthy and the life force energy is flowing freely, the rest of your body, mind and soul can harmonize together to allow you to create your best life possible!

Nikki will be offering short consultations and abdominal detox massages at the festival.



Color is an emotive expression of how we feel. We instinctively pick out colors in our clothes to reflect our mood or to generate a certain feeling. Our earliest evidence of color being used in healing dates back to ancient Egypt, where color rooms were used to “infuse” the healing of that color to heal the person.

Using color therapy or Chroma therapy, healing can be done at our innermost levels to clear negative or limiting vibrations stored in our chakras, long term painful memories and negative emotions that limit our progress in life. During this session, guided techniques are used and inner and hidden emotions can be cleared and messages can be received for guidance, and abundance generation. The chakras are then energised with colors and the chakra begins to work at a higher vibration or frequency and the person begins to manifest at a higher level of energy or vibration.

Anita from Colour Therapy will be offering sessions at the festival.

E&E Visions

E&E Visions

E&E Visions is a new holistic platform with the hope of bringing people together to gain self mastery & awakening.

We offer insightful guidance and readings for clients who wants to know more about themselves, improve their career, wealth, relationships and how they can maximize their potential. All these through the art of Metaphysics and Divination, using Chinese and Western ways i.e. Bazi, Tarot, Face & Palm Reading, Tasseography and many more.

At the festival E&E Visions will be offering face and palm reading, scalp and shoulder therapy and candle reading.

Heart Sanctuary

Heart Sanctuary

Heart Sanctuary is a centre offering a safe space for anyone ready and willing to explore holistic health. They offer a variety of classes and private sessions for physical, emotional, metal and spiritual well being. 

Founded by Monika Wyss, the centre aims to provide Holistic Energy for Alignment Renewal & Transformation. 

At the festival you will be able to find out more information about the healing modalities that the centre offers. There will also be mini sessions and consultations available.

Maureen Clarke Batik Secret

Maureen Clarke Batik’s Secret

Maureen has dedicated herself to the art of batik. Her goal is to create a workshop foundation where this art is transmitted from generation to generation, as well as combining traditional oriental designs with a western touch to dress enduring art to people who value products as before, thanks to the quality of their fabrics.

Maureen will be selling her lovely batik designs at the festival and she will conduct a batik workshop on Saturday 22nd from 10am to 12pm.



Mantraband are simple, elegant, inspirational bracelets with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message; promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity and mindfulness. Wear your mantraband everyday as your daily reminder, for affirmation and inspiration. Their bracelets are made of hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, nickel and lead stainless steels.

A range of Mantrabands jewellry will be available at the festival.

Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is a gift of Chinese civilisation to mankind. It follows the principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is a way of influencing and directing Qi for medical benefits rather than by using needles, herbs or massage, although these can be supplementary. Medical Qigong has gained worldwide popularity in recent years. It has been used to treat all kinds of physical and emotional ailments, especially as complementary therapy for cancer. In China, major TCM universities and hospitals have dedicated departments for Medical Qigong. Grand Master Tan Soo Kong has vast theoretical knowledge, practical experience and hands-on expertise in the use of Medical Qigong approaches and techniques. Grand Master Tan’s compassion and yearning to help others inspired him to research and develop a unique medical Qigong system and associated training program called Wellness Medical Qigong (WMQ). Consultations will be available at their booth.



Omkara believe that yoga shouldn’t cost the earth. Quite literally. So, created for the eco-conscious yogi, they bring you a collection of yoga brands and spiritual products that truly elevate your practice by being kind to our planet and people. Their aim is to empower yogis to reduce consuming synthetic products and to shop their values by making conscious choices for our planet.

A collection of Omkara products will be available at the festival.



Osteopathy aims to correct the structural imbalance in the body by finding the root cause of the issue and allowing the body to find balance in order to perform at its most optimal. The ostepath therpist uses manual techniques to release restricted joints, work on tight muscles and help to activate inactive muscles so the body is able to support the posture or movement that is needed. 

Consultations and mini-sessions will be available at the festival.



The PranaDroppers are a growing, global team of 13,000 members who have adopted Young Living Essential Oils into their holistic lifestyles.

They are passionate about showing others how these oils – which are the pure, life force of nature – can help everyone live a toxin-free lifestyle of daily ease, higher vitality and harmony.

Young Living oils and products will be available at the festival.



Inji Darwish is the author and creator of the Qun oracle deck. An intuitive adventurer who through her evocative illustrations and finely honed sensibilities , makes it her calling to help other seekers find their own guiding light to illuminate their life’ s path.

Inji will be offering Tarot card readings and selling her passionately illustrated Oracle card set – Qun.

The Qun oracle deck consists of 65 hand-illustrated cards , crafted over 13 months (documented via @humansketchbook on instagram). The pouch was hand made and painted in Kuwait by local artisans , the book and card set printed in Malaysia.



Samkkya Healthcare Group was established in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2004 with the primary objective of offering the Malaysian community and tourists from abroad a viable natural healthcare model which we call INTEGRATIVE AYURVEDA. Samkkya came to the historic city Melaka in 2012, with a tie up with all advocating Integrative Ayurveda the world which is Ayurveda, plus the controversial but highly effective science – Modern Complementary Medicine and certain parts of Modern Medical System. We have over the years developed an effective system which has helped thousands of patients who walks into our center as their last hope for their medical problems . Besides treatments, we motivate and guide clients to take charge of their own health by making a conscious effort to change their lifestyle & Diet as these 2 key elements are the major contributor of most chronic illness.

Samkkya will offer consultations at the festival.

Speak Skin Beauty

Speak Skin Beauty

Speak had a rather unconventional light bulb moment for a skincare brand. While the love of skincare was already humming in the background, the passion was slowly brewing for years and was almost ready to delightfully consume the founders, Nisa and Tiara, who are cousins.

The need for skincare suitable for sensitive skin began out of necessity 3 years ago. Eczema terrorized Nisa, so she began reading labels, investigating ingredients and sought to reduce the amount of products that could aggravate her condition. Still unsatisfied, she started making her own facial cleanser in powder form and shared it with friends and relatives, including business-minded Tiara. The tinder to Speak’s flame was, unusually, a passing of a dear relative. A grievous moment brought the founders together, which led to a conversation that sparked the idea and morphed into an obssession and finally, the creation of Speak in December 2017.

Their lovely skin care products will be available at the festival.

Sujata Nandy World Gurukul

Sujata Nandy World Gurukul

Sujata Nandy World Gurukul was created to help all spiritual seekers and Goddess worshipers ascend to their highest ideal. Founded upon years of strict devotional practices and spiritual knowledge has enabled it to create courses and workshops that prove positive results to the seeker.

Sujata will be offering private consultation sessions for those seeking to find out more about soul connections and Akashic records.

Tea Bird Tea

Tea Bird Tea

Tea Bird Tea aims to deliver a delectable range of organic blends.

Founder Ashleigh Cotterill hand draws and designs the packaging from scratch and one of her goals has been to have millions of pieces of her art in households across the globe! So far she has distributed over 1,000,000 of our Tea Bird Tea designs.

Their teas are loose leaf, organic teas from Australia, Sri Lanka, India and China and there is a bit of story and a lot of travelling as to how they came to be here in Malaysia.

Find out about the story and sample the range of teas that will be available to taste and purchase at the festival.

The Stretch Clinic

The Stretch Clinic

THE STRETCH CLINIC (TSC) is a holistic healthcare ‘Education and Treatment’ based facility providing the very best solutions in optimum performance, injury prevention and pain management.

At TSC, their aim is to help correct and treat common muscular and neurological complaints and bring balance back to the body by improving posture, biomechanics, overall strength and mobility.

Therapists from The Stretch Clinic will offer consultations at the festival.