Book a session with experienced wellness practitioners any time during Ahimsa Life Festival. From Tarot Card Readings to Osteopathy, meet with professionals who can guide you to a healthier life.


Color Therapy

A 20 minute colour therapy session with Anita from Colorspace

E&E Visions

Candle Reading

A 20 minute candle reading session by Emmy from E&E Visions

Face & Palm Reading OR Scalp Therapy OR Shoulder Therapy

A 20 minute Face & Palm Reading or Scalp Therapy or Shoulder Therapy done by Enme from E&E Visions

Heart Sanctuary

Bioresonance Scan or Sound Bath

A 30 minute Bioresonance scan or Sound Bath with Mindy from Heart Sanctuary

Energy Healing/EFT/Personal Coaching

A 30 minute Energy Healing, EFT, or Personal Coaching session with Claudia from Heart Sanctuary.


Osteopathic Treatment

A 30 minute Osteopathic treatment session by Ian from Osteohub

Naturopathy Session
20 minute naturopathy session with Monika Ramasamy

Aroma healing session

A 30 minute aroma healing session by Senri Ng from PranaDroppers

iTOVi Scan, Consultation & Hand Massage

A 30 minute iTOVi Scan, Consultation & Hand Massage session by Annie from PranaDroppers.


Ayurvedic Reflexology

A 30 minute Ayurvedic reflexology session by Samkkya

Ayurvedic Head and Shoulder Massage

A 30 minute Head and Shoulder Massage session by Samkkya

Ayurvedic Pain Relief

A 20 minute Ayurvedic Pain Relief session by Samkkya

The Stretch Clinic

Therapeutic Stretching Consultation

A 20 minute therapeutic session with The Stretch Clinic

Bioresonance Scan Consultation

A 15 minute Bioresonance scan with The Stretch Clinic