Ahimsa Life Festival

With a heavy heart, we wish to inform you of our decision to postpone Ahimsa Life Festival (presently scheduled for 21-23 February 2020) to 18-20 September 2020.

Given the abundant and overwhelming support we have received from our event partners, friends and followers, this is a decision which we have not taken lightly. However, it is incumbent upon us to take steps to assure that that our event is safe and enjoyable for exhibitors, facilitators and participants alike. Given the risks associated with the spread of the 2019-n coronavirus, we were not able to provide any such assurance.

For paid event ticket purchasers, we will be in touch with you individually via e-mail with details of refunds and/or special offers for our September event. Please e-mail us at flowmgr@ahimsaasia.com with any questions you may have.

Considerable planning has already gone into our event. With our healthcare partner, Global Doctors, offering healthcare screening packages and flu vaccinations to our festival attendees at unbeatable prices was key. Notwithstanding the event postponement and for the benefit of everyone, we are making arrangements for these to be made available for purchase in Publika in the next 2 weeks. Take this opportunity to begin your “journey back to you” before our event starts. Details will be announced via our website www.ahimsaasia.com and social media.

We are fully committed to providing you with an experience to remember and look forward to your support on our next dates.

Love & Light from all of us at Ahimsa Life Festival

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What to expect at Ahimsa Life Festival.

“Ahimsa” is Sanskrit for “non-violence” and encapsulates the practice of love, care and respect for all, a practice which starts with self-love, self-care and self-respect.

At Ahimsa Life Festival, you are invited to begin an ethereal journey towards understanding your self – your needs, your capacity, and your potential. Here, there are countless opportunities for rejuvenation, re-energisation and relaxation; inclusive spaces that allow you to ‘reset’ and balance yourself amidst the bustle of modern demands as you explore the best complementary therapies, products and services available in Malaysia.

Some people may find peace in physical rejuvenation, whereas others may prefer meditation or more creative therapeutic methods, such as a Dream Analysis workshop. Even alternative avenues for healing and well-being are available. Whichever avenue, there is an activity for everyone.

There is no right way to achieve Ahimsa in your life – we provide a safe, respectful, and loving space for you to get in touch with your own self, where trained professionals and like-minded people are ready to lend a hand.

To find balance is to live a life of love and respect. To understand what you need for yourself, and what you can give to others. And to do so, you have to accept, be compassionate, and love yourself unconditionally. Just BE.